Español for children and adults



My ABC en Español is a Spanish immersion program for children and adults designed to familiarize, introduce, teach and reinforce the Spanish language. The main objective of our children’s program is to make the Spanish language enjoyable while the student absorbs and begins to understand the new language. Children will learn through visual association, repetition, games, singing, dancing and book readings.


During the children’s courses, caregivers with little or no Spanish language experience will learn along with the children as the classes are designed for the caregiver to participate as well, which will encourage and help the children to acquire the language faster. For parents and caregivers who are fluent or native Spanish speakers, they will learn new techniques to maintain and enhance the Spanish language in their household.


The program for adults is a Spanish conversational immersion program to reinforce and maintain the language learned.  The instructor will primarily speak Spanish to the students since this is the only way students can switch to Spanish and think in Spanish without the need for translation. Both beginners and students with high levels of fluency will benefit from this technique. The keys to developing and enhancing the Spanish language learning process are speaking, listening, reading and writing, so we will reinforce the last two elements with homework assignments while in class we will work on the conversational part of the process. Our program provides enjoyment for students while they learn, reinforce and gain confidence to speak Spanish. This program is given in class room or one-on-one sessions.


We also offer tutoring sessions for children, test preparation for children and adults and translations upon request.


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